Eliminate production uncertainty, instabilities and operational costs with continuous, intervention-free, artificial lift well optimization.

Silverwell's DIAL technology delivers significant operational and management benefits with advantages far beyond the current capabilities of existing solutions. This technology allows the injection to be changed in real time without intervention. It’s fully digital, intelligent, electronically-controlled from the surface via permanent cable, eliminating any need to use side pocket mandrels, wire-line retrievals or well intervention techniques.

Continuous, more stable production

The DIAL 350 can have up to six injection orifices, each individually controlled from the surface, with a full spectrum of injection rate options available to the well operator. This means it’s not reliant on a specific annulus pressure to maintain gas injection rates. Pressure sensors are included in the unit configuration at the point of gas injection to provide annulus and production tubing pressure and temperature data to the well operator.

The actuators controlling the gas injection points are capable of operating at pressures up to 3,600 psi (250 bar). So even during modification to gas injection rates, your well maintains continuous production, with no requirement for additional resources. The DIAL 350 will begin to start delivering results from day one, with a return on investment, from the first gas injection rate change.


  • No well intervention required for gas injection rate changes.
  • Continuous production, during changes to gas injection rates.
  • Eliminates occurrences of unstable well operation conditions.
  • Return on Investment achieved with first gas injection rate change.
  • Works in highly deviated wells.
  • Annulus Pressure independent injection.
  • Pressure and temperature data returned to surface.
  • Significant reduction in H&S risk.
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  • DIAL 350 Specifications

    Length – in (mm) 118 (3,000)
    OD – in (mm) 5.79 (147)
    Materials used Fermonic 50HS (Casing)
    Fermonic 50 (Components)
    Production Tubing OD – in (mm) 3.5 (89)
    Production Tubing ID – in (mm) 2.89 (78.3)
    Tubing thread type Tenaris 511 (Pin)
    Number of gas orifices 6 (individually configurable)
    Gas injection orifice dimensions – mm 1.5 - 5.5 (customer pre-selectable)
    Maximum gas injection pressure – psi (bar) 3,600 (250)
    Collapse pressure – psi (bar) 3,625 (250)
    Burst pressure – psi (bar) 5,800 (400)
    Valve actuation time (secs) ~2
    Max operating temperature ºF (ºC) 221 (105)
    Surface cable connection 1/4in control line – 3 core (comms and power)


    • Production tubing installations
    • Subsea and on shore gas lift installations
    • Dual line, deviated and fish hook configured wells
    • Multiple unit deployment in a single production tubing


    • Low power electrically operated valve and actuation configuration
    • Six individually surface controlled gas injection points
    • Accurate gas injection
    • Fully balanced actuation for maximum pressure differential operation
    • Interactive, real-time gas injection control
    • Pressure sensors installed at gas injection points (Annulus and Production Tubing)
    • Production tubing temperature sensor
    • Power only required to initiate a change of gas injection rates
    • Real-time gas rate change completed in seconds
    • Clamped, 3-wire communication cable to surface control computer
    • Fully Nace MR-0175 Compliant